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Written Approval Applications

Section 38 of the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 1978 states that any person intending to erect, install, recite or alter any chimney, from or through which air impurities may be emitted or discharged must obtain written approval from the Department of Environment.

The scope of work by the consultant includes:

  • Gathering relevant catalogue and drawing water tube boiler including height and the structure housing the boiler;
  • Drawing a proposed feed control mechanism and calculating the details of the fuel used such as rate of fuel consumption, sulphur content, ash content etc.;
  • Designing and drawing the plan, elevation and section of the chimney, including detail engineering calculations of chimney height, sampling port location, efflux velocity etc.;
  • Designing and drawing plan, elevation and sections of pollution control equipment, including cyclone and gravitational settling chamber and engineering calculations on the design of the cyclone, efficiency, flue gas dust content before and after dust collector, multi cyclone sizing, number of tubes, pressure drop, and air flow per cyclone;
  • Drawing in detail the connection between the boiler, pollution control equipment, I.D Fans and the chimney, with top and side elevation; and
  • Drawing, measuring and calculating the pressure drop and volumetric flow rate of the I.D. fans.

b) Written Approval for Generator Sets

Section 36 of Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 1978 states that any person intending to erect, install, resite or alter equipment, plant or facility used for the purpose of heating or generation of power that is rated to consume liquid or gaseous matter at 15 kg or more per hour, must obtain prior written approval from the Department of Environment, and any omission or negligence to comply with such requirements will be liable to face serious penalties.

In assisting your company to obtain the license, we are required to perform the following:

  • Drawing the layout plan to show the correct location for the installation of in-house generator sets;
  • Measuring (using an approved sound level meter (JKKPPSLM 35/00) and a competent person (JKKP IH 127/5/3-1 (N 047)) the noise level of the generator set at 1m or 3m distance and at the boundary;
  • Calculating the acoustic attenuation of the different sound frequencies generated by the engine part of the generator;
  • Monitoring and calculating fuel consumption in litre/hr;
  • Measuring the level of black smoke from the exhaust outlet by visual observation [to ensure it complies with Ringelmann Chart level 1];
  • Sketching the dimensions of in-house generator set, including its components layout and housing enclosure;
  • Calculating the acoustic attenuation of primary and secondary silencers, including the door enclosure; and
  • Measuring the coordinate geometry of the location for the generator set.

All related documents for submission will be endorsed by our professional engineer.