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Safety, Health & Environmental Management Audits

Organisations need to undertake periodic safety and/or environmental management audits to:

  • determine whether management activities directed towards these ends conform to their management manuals, programmes, procedures and work instructions and if they are being implemented effectively;
  • ensure compliance with statutory requirements such as those in the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 and the Environmental Quality Act 1974; and
  • determine the effectiveness of the implemented safety/environmental management system in fulfilling safety/environmental policies.

The principal objective of environmental management auditing during project implementation is to ensure full compliance with the project environmental management plan. Such audits allow the project proponent to gauge the level of compliance with imposed terms and conditions, and pertinent Acts and Regulations.

The services provided by ESI, include all necessary expert advice on the implementation of an environmental management auditing programme for a particular trade or industry. For all audits, this includes providing information on the extent of compliance with the Environmental Quality Act 1974, the Natural Resources and Environment (Amendment) Ordinance 1993 and other pertinent Regulations, Orders, Guidelines and Standards. For the case of project implementation, it also includes the terms and conditions required for EIA report approval.