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Laboratory Services

ESI operate the only private laboratory in the central and northern regions of Sarawak that conducts environmental, industrial hygiene and microbiological analyses of water, wastewater and soil samples. The laboratory utilizes state of the art analytical equipment and stringent quality control procedures to ensure prompt, accurate and reproducible analyses within a high quality technical service package.

Laboratory equipment includes a modern (the latest version) gas chromatogram (GC) and an atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). In addition, proven sampling strategies are adopted for conducting environmental monitoring that employ ISO recognized monitoring instruments.

Inventory of Principal Equipment
Water / Air Monitoring / Analysis:

  • model 2100-P portable turbidimeter;
  • SenION pH meter;
  • GC;
  • AAS;
  • ovens;
  • TOC analyser
  • UV visible – spectrophotometer;
  • TO1-SS325: Tomy autoclaves;
  • P13-INCUCELL 55R: MMM Incucell incubator;
  • 107-WB22: Memmert Waterbath
  • HACH sension5 portable conductivity meter;
  • YSI 5000 Series dissolved oxygen meter;
  • BOD Probe, self stirring – 5ft cable;
  • BOD Analysis for Windows software;
  • HACH DRB200 digital reactor;
  • 4 door stainless steel refrigerator;
  • DR/4000 UV-Vis spectrophotometer; and
  • microwave digestion system.

Dust Monitoring Equipment:

  • Grimm dust monitoring equipment;
  • Kastrel 2000 pocket thermo wind meter; and
  • high volume samplers.

Noise Monitoring Equipment:

  • SIP95 Data logging sound level meters; and
  • SIE95 integrated sound exposure meters.

Stack /Hydrocarbon Monitoring Equipment

  • Apex isokinetic sampling equipment US EPA Method 5 & Method 17;
  • Gil Air 3 sampling pumps;
  • TSI combustion analyzers;
  • LKS smoke density monitoring Instrument;
  • J.U.M total hydrocarbon analyzer HFID-3-2000;
  • model IQ-100 portable gas instrument; and
  • Crowcon Triple type 845R.


  • CIRRUS (consequence modelling software package); and
  • Riskplot (on-shore QRA software package).