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Centre of Professional Services and Expertise

The environmental division of ESI Konsultant Sdn Bhd provides all environmental consultancy and services but not restricted to the following:

Port and Marine Environment

Environmental Planning
• Port
• Port & Marine Environment Master Planning
• Sustainable Development and Planning
• Port & Marine/Coastal Conservation Planning
• Port & Marine Feasibility Study

Environmental Impact Assessment
• Port
• Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment
• Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment
• Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment
• Environmental Risk Assessment
• Marine Environment and Ecological Risk Assessment
• Social Impact Assessment
• Life Cycle Assessment
• Impact of Climate Change and Global Warming
• Coastal Morphological Impact Assessment
• Channel/Coastal Siltation/Sedimentation Dispersion Studies
• Hydraulics Study
• Protected/Sensitive Area Ecological Assessment

Waste Management
• Waste/Hazardous Waste/Scheduled Waste Management
• Management and Wastewater Characteristic Study (WWCS)
• Implementation of Marpol 73/78 and Port Reception Facilities

Environmental Management
• Environmental Management Systems
• Implementation of ISO 14000 Environmental Management System
• Social and Corporate Reporting
• Environmental Reporting/Sustainable Reporting/Green Port Reporting
• Pollution Control and Management
• Environmental Management Plan
• Environmental Audits
• Port Land Contamination and Rehabilitation/Remediation Management
• Environmental Policy, Management, and Legislative Review
• DOE"s Written Permission/Approval Application

Environmental Monitoring
• Environmental Water and Sediment Quality Monitoring
• Environmental Marine Biology Monitoring
• Environmental Air Quality Monitoring
• Environmental Noise and Vibration Monitoring
• Monitoring of Ships'Ballast Water
• Monitoring of Invasive Aquatic Species/harmful Organisms
• Environmental Data Collection and Analysis