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Bespoke, Solutions To Environmental, Public Health And Health And Safety Problems

ESI are able to draw on the considerable expertise and experience of our own staff and our affiliates to develop-tailor made ‘best practice’ solutions to specific environmental, public health, and health safety problems for which you seek solutions.

We are able to provide ‘best practice’ bespoke solutions to problems due to the fact that:

  • Our leading staff have a broad range of in-depth multi-disciplinary expertise within the field developed in Malaysia, the UK and abroad.
  • We now have over 10 years of varied experience within the field.
  • We have a highly developed network of associates, which may be organised into flexible teams as and when required for tackling specific problems.
  • We have affiliates in the leading universities and within the relevant business fields both in Malaysia and abroad.
  • We have a track record of developing teams that are able to produce ‘best practice’ solutions to problems.
  • We either employ directly or have direct access to the leading experts across the entire environmental management and safety fields both in Malaysia and internationally


We are always happy to discuss with you any environmental, public health or health and safety problems.

‘Best practices’ are those considered by experts in the field to be most effective in achieving their purpose(s) i.e. they represent the current state of the art.