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ESI Konsultant

As industry accelerates ahead into the new generation, the global impact of it's growth is quickly felt by the surrounding environment. This accelerated growth has taken its toll on the limited resources and standard of living around. As such, as industry grow larger, it become ever more important that the preservation of our environment and the control of pollution is established.

ESI Konsultant was established to help industry re-invent and grow their business so that it meets the strict environment needs for our future.

Our Mission

We care passionately about protecting and preserving our environment, ensuring industrial safety, and protecting public health. The rapid pace of industrial development, with its associated growth in pressures in all of these areas, is making it ever more critical to find effective, workable and sustainable solutions.

Our aim therefore is to provide practical solutions that will help safeguard the public and the environment for current and future generations. We recognise that currently the goals of 'sustainable development' and 'sustainability' are interpreted widely according to the perspectives of the organisation concerned -that is why our services are tailored, without compromise to our core values, not only to ensure 'best practice' principles are adopted but also to account fully for the needs of you, our client.

Our Commitment

  • Fulfill assignments in a manner which will satisfy your expectations and requirements
  • Use 'best practice' techniques i.e. those considered currently by leading experts in the field worldwide to be the most effective in achieving their purposes
  • Evaluate continuously our own performance and improve our quality of service
  • Complete projects on time, and in accordance with the agreed Terms of Reference and with your expectations
  • Be responsible for the manner in which our employees discharge their skills and responsibilities and interact
    with you
  • Ensure unreservedly that all of our principal and associate staff will continue to be of the highest calibre and will be open to your full scrutiny
  • Upgrade and develop continually our own capabilities as knowledge and technology advance and impart our knowledge of such developments to you

Our Approach

We recognise that identification, assessment and management of safety, environmental and potential public health problems may be complex and cut across many disciplines. Therefore, to provide practical solutions to your problems, we have at your disposal a pool of highly trained multi-disciplinary personnel with expertise in the fields of engineering, public and environmental health, and safety.

Our commercial approach and management skills ensure that 'best practice' pragmatic solutions to engineering, safety, public health and environmental issues are adopted at all times. Our goals are to ensure your requirements are always realized fully, thereby protecting your investments, whilst at the same time providing you with a competitively priced service.

Our Registration

Esi Konsultant Sdn. Bhd. is registered currently with:

  • Ministry of Finance (MOF)
  • Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor (UPK)
  • Federal Financial Office (FFO)
  • Department of Environment (DOE)
  • Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB)
  • Environmental Protection Department (Sabah).